Imam Sadiq Online Seminary

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Educational Period

The courses in the first semester of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary are intended to teach basic seminary books such as Arabic syntax, Arabic morphology, morals and manners. Also students learn about Islamic faith, logic and Islamic Law.

After learning the basic seminary books in the first semester, students are taught intermediate books in the second semester of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary. The books of Sharh Ibn Aqil, Sharai’ ul-Islam, Al-Mantiq, and Al-Aqaed al-Haqqa are taught by highly educated scholars in English.

In the third semester of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary students delve more into the books they learned in the second semester. They continue learning about Sharh Ibn Aqil, Shara’ ul-Islam, and Al-Aqaed al-Haqqa. The students also study Jawaher al-Balagha which is an introduction to the study of Arabic eloquence and rhetoric.