Accreditation Policy

All institutions, including schools and universities, have a particular target which they strive to achieve through years of imparting education. These principles and targets alter from one institution to another. Institutions having common goals (completely or partially) accept the credits of other institutions. Similarly, wherever the goals are different the accreditation policies also differ.

Our Goal

Our goal at Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) Online Seminary is to educate the seekers of knowledge about the Quran and the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), thereby helping them to become better Muslims and thereafter, be able to preach and spread the message of Islam.

We offer conventional Hawza/ Seminary courses virtually for better religious grooming of the students. The level of expertise of our students and graduates will speak for their excellence.

We are not accredited, but do we offer Certificates?

Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) Online Seminary offers a certificate upon the completion of the course, but whether it is accepted by other institutions depends upon their goal.

To be free of any limitations, in terms of time, quality and policies, we have not submitted ourselves to the will of any educational board, rather, our only intention is to seek the pleasure of Allah.

Our Admission Policy

It goes without saying, that we also abide by our educational policies. Any student who enrolls his/herself in our courses can start from the beginning, but if a student wishes to skip a few credits which he/she has already studied in another institute is asked to produce a completion certificate against the subjects that he/she does not want to study and only after the approval from equivalence committee the student can join the higher course.

Therefore, if a student from any other institution comes to our seminary and requests access to higher levels of classes, we will grant them access provided they either produce an appropriate certificate or pass the relevant exams.

Before you enroll

Before enrolling at the seminary, one needs to ask, why do I want to study the seminary course? Is it for getting a job or boasting a degree? Or to seek knowledge and gain the pleasure of Allah? Surely, if a case arises wherein both the goals are met, the seminary would strive to gain both the benefits. But for the time being, and taking into consideration the situation worldwide, we do not guarantee the acceptance of our certificate at other institutions.

Therefore, the students who intend to study at the seminary and plan to offer the certificate elsewhere for any purpose should firstly check with their respected institution to avoid any deprivation.

Our plan for Accreditation in future

We know that it is a concern for our esteemed students, whether we want to register ourselves under a specific educational board or not?

In near future, we plan to reach academic agreements with different academic institutions internationally to start an association of e-learning endeavors in the field of Islamic Education.