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Responses to the Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required time for studying Hawzah lessons?

The time you have to allocate differs from person to person. You have to study until you comprehend the lesson fully. We suggest you read the textbook ahead in order to be familiar with the material. And then watch each lesson carefully once and take notes. The next step is to review what you have learned and complete the assignment.   

What is the course fee?

All the courses are free and you don’t have to pay for anything. Nonetheless, we ask you to support us financially in order to maintain the seminary.

What If I start the first semester and then change my mind and do not wish to continue my studies any further, can I drop my classes and leave the seminary?

We highly recommend you not to quit. However, if you have to quit then you may leave the classes at any time.

Do I need to have a good knowledge of Arabic to start the seminary?

Having any knowledge of Arabic would be great and will help you a lot in your studies. However, it’s not necessary to know any Arabic, as the course begins by teaching Arabic from scratch.

When would I have access to lessons?

As soon as your registration is confirmed you will receive an email requiring you to confirm. When you do so, you will have access to level one.

How long will it take to complete the whole course?

It depends upon the amount of time and dedication of the student. Each semester usually takes a year in physical seminaries.

Is the Hawza affiliated to any institute or Marja’?

No, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is a totally independent Hawza and is not affiliated with any institute or Marja’.

Where is the office of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary based?

The main office of the Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is based in Qom, Iran. We also have a studio in Najaf.

What do I need for registration?

You need to refer to the site, fill in the form and then you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Is there any age limit or gender specifics?

There is no age limit and classes are open for both genders to attend.

Can we have personal interactions with the teachers?

Imam Sadiq Online Seminary has an attentive, interactive, and responsive support system. You may ask all of your questions from us. However, if you still need to be in contact with the teachers that is also doable. 

Where can I get detailed course descriptions?

Please click on course summary title on our homepage to see course descriptions. Sample videos are also accessible on the website for the same purpose.

How long does it take for the seminary to confirm the registration?

It usually takes less than 3 days. If your registration was not confirmed in 3 days, then please contact us. 

If I have previously done certain Islamic studies, can I take an overall exam?

Yes, you will have access to the tests and upon passing them you will have access to the higher level.

Is this a traditional Hawza?

Yes, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is a traditional Hawza that teaches the conventional books of Hawza.  

How many semesters do we have in total?

There will be 6 semesters.

Can I help the Imam Sadiq Online Seminay in any way?

Yes, you can help the Online Seminary in several ways:

a.       Helping us to promote the Online School for kids, which is affiliated to the Seminary

b.      Letting us know about your specialties so that we can get in touch with you for any help required in your domain.

c.       Donations. As mentioned, our Website is supported by the donations we receive from the generous believers.

What is the application process like? Is there any entrance exam or interview?

There is no entrance exam or interview. Please fill in the registration form, once your registration is confirmed by our administrator you will have access to the file content.

When I finish my studies, what am I entitled to be?

When you finish your studies you can be entitled to Hujjat al-Islam, sheikh, Islamic teacher, preacher, lecturer, etc.


Does Imam Sadiq Online Seminary provide admission for the Hawza in Qom and/or Najaf?

After completion of these courses, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary can provide counseling to its students and write a recommendation letter for them to enter Hawza

Will I receive a certificate or a degree upon completion?

Yes, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary will issue a certificate to any student upon the completion of the course/s.

Who is the manager of the Imam Sadiq Online Seminary?

Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is an independent initiative undertaken by highly qualified teachers of the seminary of Qom, Iran, and Najaf al-Ashraf, Iraq. The English department of the website is supervised by Shaikh Mohammad Baghernejad.

What are the sources of finance for Imam Sadiq online seminary?

We are supported by the generous donations of the lovers of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them).  Also, we have an online school for kids which helps us to run the seminary.

Will these studies enable us to continue our studies in the Hawza of Qom or Najaf?

Yes, the completion of these courses will accelerate your performance in the seminaries of Qom and Najaf.

What is the overall study chart of the seminary?

Please refer to the course summary page.

Will the Hawza provide us with the study material?

Yes, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary provides an electronic version of textbooks, a summary of each lesson, charts, assignments to practice and exams for evaluation.

What opportunities are available upon successfully completing this course?

The one who successfully completes this course can become an Islamic researcher, writer, preacher, lecturer, resident scholar, etc. We may also introduce our graduates to communities and centers as Islamic scholars.

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