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2020-03-18 07:28:49

Imam Sadiq Online School

Imam Sadiq Online School Join us to learn Islamic beliefs, ethics, law and recitation of Quran! - One session free trial - Your own timing - Easy access at home Register at:  +1 (202) 505-4811 [...]
2020-02-27 17:52:58

Merits of knowledge

  Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (a.s) is reported to have said: O people, you must know that religion becomes complete through seeking knowledge and acting accordingly, You must know that seeking knowledge is of a stronger imperative nature for you than seeking wealth. In wealth, everyone’s share is guaranteed. A just person has already divided wealth among you. He and [...]

Do you have any questions?FAQ

Will the Hawza provide us with the study material?

Yes, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary provides an electronic version of textbooks, a summary of each lesson, charts, assignments to practice and exams for evaluation.

Will I receive a certificate or a degree upon completion?

Yes, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary will issue a certificate for any student who completes these courses.

Do you do admission for the Hawza in Qom or Najaf as well?

After completion of these courses, Imam Sadiq Online Seminary will write a recommendation letter for the student and consulate him/her to enter Hawza.

Will these studies enable us to continue our studies in the Hawza of Qom or Najaf?

Yes, the completion of these courses will accelerate your performance in the seminaries of Qom and Najaf.

What is the overall study chart of the seminary?

Please refer to the course summary page.

How many semesters do we have in total?

There will be 6 semesters.

Where is the office of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary based?

The main office of the Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is based in Qom, Iran. We also have a studio in Najaf.

How long will it take to complete the whole course?

It depends on how much time the student allocates to studying. Each semester usually takes one year to study in physical seminaries.

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