Greetings to all respected users of the Imam Sadiq (AS) Virtual Seminary,

With the grace of Almighty God and the blessings of Imam Mahdi (AJ), on the blessed day of Mubahila, the website of the seminary will be moved from the address ( to (

In this new site, all students can easily select and learn the desired religious and general courses. Additionally, instructors who wish to offer their courses can upload them in this new space and interact with their students.

The Imam Sadiq (AS) Academy platform is the first religious educational platform dedicated to delivering pure Shiite teachings.

All user information from the old site has been transferred to the new site at Users who had not verified their email and phone number will need to create a new account on the new site.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope this significant move will enhance the quality of your education and interactions.

Thank you.