Islamic Law (1)

Islamic Law (1)

Here is a series of lectures on the subject of Islamic Laws taught by a prominent Shia scholar, Sayed Mohammed Baqer al-Qazwini. It is based on the book Fiqh al-Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (as) authored by Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Mughniyya (ra). These lectures are presented by Al-Hujjah Islamic Seminary in association with Imam Sadiq (AS) International Institute.

Number of lessons
Number of lessons
Semester 1
Lesson time
Lesson time
10:00 Hours

Examples of course topics

  • History of Fiqh
  • Plain and Mixed Water
  • Types of Plain Water
  • How Mixed Water Becomes Impure
  • Purity of water and Volume of Kurr.
  • The Impurities (Najasaat)
  • The Impurity of Blood and the Dead
  • Halal Meat & Impurity of Dogs, Pigs & Wine
  • Purity of non-Muslims
  • Purity of People of the Book
  • Course description

  • About Teacher

  • Q&A

Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Mughniyya (ra) was a renowned Shiite exegete and clergy from Lebanon in the twentieth century. Fiqh Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (AS) is his first jurisprudential work and it comprises of six volumes. 

Sayed Muhammed Baqir al-Qazwini is a prominent Iraqi-American Shia scholar. He is currently based at the Islamic Institute of America, and an instructor at the Al-Hujjah Seminary in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Al-Qazwini was born in Qom, to Sayyid Hassan al-Qazwini, and the daughter of grand Ayatollah Muhammad al-Shirazi. From his fathers side he hails from the prominent al-Qazwini family, whilst from his mothers side; from the renowned al-Shirazi family. 

Al-Qazwini migrated with his father to the United States in 1992, and was brought up in Los Angeles. He completed his schooling in Los Angeles, and later moved to Detroit to further his academic studies. He completed a BA in Sociology at the University of Michigan. In the summer of 2004, al-Qazwini returned to Qom where he continued his Islamic studies and remained for over ten years under the supervision of Sayyid Munir al-Khabbaz. He returned to the United States in 2017 and opened the Al-Hujjah Islamic Seminary.

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