Summary of Logic

Summary of Logic

Summary of Logic is the title of lessons about logic, i.e. the rules of correct thinking in order to draw proper and right conclusions.

Number of lessons
Number of lessons
Semester 1
Lesson time
Lesson time
1260 Hours

Examples of course topics

  • Introduction
  • Mind / Sensual and the Rational / Tasawwur and Tasdeeq
  • Apparent and Unapparent Tasawwur and Tasdeeq
  • Al-Mu’arrif and Al-Hujjah
  • Dalalah
  • Types of Dalalah
  • Types of Verbal Formulative Dalalah
  • The Significations of the Meaning
  • Mufrad word
  • The Literal and the Figurative
  • Course description

  • About Teacher

  • Q&A

Summary of Logic is the title of the lessons about logic, i.e. the rules of correct thinking in order to draw the proper and right conclusions. This skill is necessary for the study of the fields taught in the seminary, such as the principles of jurisprudence and basically any other field.

Note: Lessons 37 & 38 do not have any assignments

Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is honored to have Syed Ibne Abbas Naqvi as one of its outstanding teachers. He has recorded Aqaed lessons for the Pre-Hawza and Summary of Logic lessons for the first level of the Seminary.

Here is a summarized biography of Syed Naqvi:

Syed Ibne Abbas Naqvi was born in Lucknow India. He’s the elder son of Hujjatul islam wal muslimeen Syed Saif Abbas Naqvi. Syed Naqvi is from the progeny of Syed Dildar Ali Naqvi GHUFRANMAAB (khandaan e ijtehad).

He went to the Cathedral School in Lucknow. After completing his high school in March 2011, he moved to the holy city of Qom where he started his seminary studies. Syed Ibn Abbas Naqvi received his turban from the hands of Grand Ayatollah Saafi Gulpayegani in January 2016.

In April 2016, he migrated to the holy city of Najaf (Iraq). He has worked as a teacher in the Hawza Ilmiya of Abutalib (AS) in Lucknow, India. He has also delivered Islamic lectures in the months of Muharram and Ramadhan.

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