Sharh Ibn Aqil

Sharh Ibn Aqil

The book “Sharh Ibn Aqil” in Syntax is a commentary written by Ibn Aqil on the book, ‘Alfiyyah’ of Ibn Malik.

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Semester 2
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Examples of course topics

  • Importance of the Science
  • Introduction
  • Subject of Syntax
  • Sentence (Kalam)
  • Kalimah, Kalaam & Kalim
  • Qaul, Kalim, Kalimah & Kalaam
  • Tanween in Nouns
  • Tanween in Nouns
  • The Exclusive Signs of Verb (فعل)
  • The Sign of Preposition (حرف)
  • Course description

  • About Teacher

  • Q&A

The book “Sharh Ibn Aqil” in Syntax is a commentary written by Ibn Aqil on the book, ‘Alfiyyah’ of Ibn Malik. It is a complete review of Syntax and resembles ‘Al-Bahjat al-Mardiyyah’ written by Suyouti which is also a commentary on Alfiyyah. In the Islamic Seminaries one of these two books is conventionally taught on the second level.

Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is honored to have Sheikh Ali Islami as one of its outstanding teachers. He has recorded Sharh of Ibn Aqil lessons for semester 2 of this seminary.

Here is a summarized biography of Ali Islami:

  • Enrolled in the Hawza (Islamic seminary) in Qom in 2006
  • Level 4 in Hawzah
  • M.A. in Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
  • -Teacher of Arabic Grammar including Sarf (Conjugation) and Nahw (Syntax), Balaghat (Rhetoric), Ahkam (Islamic Law), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Osoul (Principles of Jurisprudence), Rejal, 'Aqaed (Islamic beliefs)
  • Studying in the Tafseer Institution of Aemah Athar Seminary

Hes' an English and Farsi Speaker, been invited to different countries around the world including Canada, the United kingdom, the United states of America, Germany, Greece.

  • Salaam, I am unable to download the book. Please assist. Thanks.

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  • S.a. Can we use demos teatime pronouns liek ( هؤلآء ) for both aqel beings and gahyru aqli beings if they are both included in the speech. Like if I want to say go over to those things meaning the people, animals and trees as example.

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