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Android application of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary

Imam Sadiq Online Seminary is proud to announce the launch of our Android application coinciding with the birth anniversary of Imam Ridha's peace be upon him. This Android application provides an easy, modern, user-friendly interface to provide access to various online contents, downloading audio/video of lessons, sending messages, using summaries/ exercises of lessons, etc. on the mobile phone in English and Persian languages.


Quick registration

User interface

Easy user interface

User panel

Access to the user panel


Send and receive messages

User interface

Powerful user interface


Easy access to the educational content on the website.


Ability to view online and download lessons


Immediate upgrade to a higher semester upon the completion of the first semester.


Access to summaries and exercises of each lesson


Send and receive educational and user messages.


Online exam and scoring (coming soon to the app).


Q&A forum on lesson issues(soon in the application).

Considering that many students and users of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary use Mobile phones and tablets to connect to the website's educational system, the administration decided to design and launch the Seminary’s Android application. After several months of tireless efforts, the first version of this application is launched to serve the dear students.
  • We hope that this small step would benefit the students to gain quick and easy access to benefit from the educational content on Imam Sadiq Onlne Seminary.
  • It is a pleasure for us at Imam Sadiq Online Seminary to hear your criticisms and feedback to improve the application.
Android application
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