Some of the etiquettes mentioned in the Hadith hereof are from Imam Ridha (peace be upon him) to Rayyan, famously known as Ibn-Shabib.

- 1st of Muharram is the day on which Zakariya prayed to his Lord to grant him a pure progeny and God fulfilled his prayer. Therefore, just as God fulfilled the prayers of Zakariya, God will fulfill the prayers of whoever fasts on this day and asks God for something.

- This nation did not honor the sanctity of this month nor did they honor the sanctity of their Prophet. They killed the Prophet's progeny, enslaved his women, and plundered his belongings.

- If you wish to cry for anything or anyone, cry for al-Husayn ibn Ali, for he was slaughtered like a sheep.

- When you weep over the afflictions of al-Husayn so that tears flow from your eyes onto your cheeks, Allah will forgive all your sins, big or small, few or numerous.

- If you wish to meet Allah, the mighty, free of sin, then perform the Ziyarat of al-Husayn.

- If it pleases you to abide in the palaces of Paradise in the company of the Prophet and his family, then invoke Allah's curse upon the murderers of Imam al-Husayn.

- If you wish to earn the reward of those who were martyred with al-Husayn, then whenever you remember him, say, If only I had been with them so that I would have attained the great felicity.

- If you desire to be with us in the highest degree of Paradise, then grieve in our sorrows and rejoice in our happiness. Remain attached to our love, for even if a person loves a stone, Allah shall resurrect him with it on the Day of Judgment.

We ask Allah to curse the oppressors of the family of the prophet and help us be with the avenger of his blood (may Allah hasten his reappearance).