Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) Online Seminary offers Heartfelt Felicitations on the Birthday Anniversary of Imam Muhammad Ibn Ali (peace be upon him)


Blessed Child

With the birth of Imam Muhammad ibn Ali (known as Imam Jawad and Imam Taqi) (peace be upon him), the path of Wilayah was illuminated even more. The mere birth of the child closed the doors of doubts for the likes of Wāqafīyyah.

Abū Yaḥya Ṣan’ānī narrates that I was once sitting in the presence of Imam Rīdha (peace be upon him) when he (peace be upon him) brought a child named Muhammad and said; ‘no other child is more blessed for my Shias than this child.’

The Lofty Status of Imam Jawad (peace be upon him)

Imam Jawad(peace be upon him) was the first Imam to be bestowed Imamate at a very young age. Some of the enemies and the haters of the Imam took this opportunity to devalue the Imam or put doubts in the minds of the Shias. However, after seeing the knowledge and the virtues of the Imam everyone acknowledged the Highness and the Lofty status and considered him as the Imam.

Ma'mun Abbasi, with all the crimes he committed and his evil intentions towards the Imam (peace be upon him), had no choice but to confess to the position of Imam (peace be upon him). In response to the objection of the elders of Bani Abbas to the marriage of his daughter Umm al-Fadl to Imam Jawad (peace be upon him), he said: “I chose him as my groom because he is superior to all the people of the time in science and virtue. At such a young age he is a genius’.

Educational debates of the Imam (peace be upon him) with the representatives of different religions and schools of thought at such a young age astonished everyone and forced them to submit to the position of Imam and the divine miracle!