2022-03-17 10:56:27

Nahw (Lesson 1)

  The book which has been taught in this course ("بدائة النحو" ,written by Safai al-Bushehri) is a comprehensive study of Arabic syntax where students learn Arabic sentence structure. [...]
2020-03-12 16:40:45

Nahw (The necessity of Learning Arabic)

In this short clip the teacher tells us about necessity of learning Arabic language and how important it is in understanding the book of Allah (swt) as well as narrations. [...]
2020-03-12 16:36:56

Nahw (Signs of Noun)

In this clip the teacher explains how to differentiate noun from other words? and What are the signs of noun in Arabic?    [...]
2020-03-12 16:29:11

Nahw (Divisions of Noun)

The teacher, Sheikh Mohammad Baghernejad, explains how to make broken and sound polural in Arabic. [...]
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