Aqaed, Islamic Beliefs
Syed Ibne Abbas Naqvi

Aqaed, Islamic Beliefs

Aqaed i.e. beliefs is the title of lessons about the belief system of Islam in brief and as a whole discussed through the five fundamental beliefs i.e. Tawhid, Justice, Prophethood, Imamate, Resurrection.

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    I need more clarification on how tafweed is against tauheed . Why and how ?

  • Salam brother, It is refers to believing into 100% freewill with 0% interference which is a type of no predestination from Allah(swt). That mean Allah(swt) has created us with no reason or care, which is against Quran. It would state he does not care for his creation and that he has no purpose in there lives and daily affairs. It would defeat the purpose of prayer when Allah(swt) says call on me I will answer you. What's the point of creation if he has 0% interference in my life. Interference from Allah(swt) trumps my means of achieving my unachievable goal fixed my freewill. His interference would be a type of predestination since it would have been something unachievable with my freewill. Predestination indicates out of the persons control. Funny enough, his interference would not have happened had I not chosen to pray to him by my freewill. So it is 50/50, or the middle way. This whole notion of 0% interference is flipped on it's head by simple observation that Allah(swt) has commanded us threw Quran and Muhammad wa aley Muahmmad.So interference is already existing. It is not a interference of troublesome but of guidance and without it, all of us would be doomed. Inshallah this has helped, Salam

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