Modern Standard Arabic 1-A
Sheikh Hamzeh Sheikhtabar

Modern Standard Arabic 1-A

This is an elementary-intermediate course .This book presents a comprehensive foundation course for beginners of spoken Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), providing an essential ground for successful communication with speakers of the many colloquial varieties.

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  • Assignment #3 Question #4

    Salamun'Alaikum, Assignment 3 Question 4 shows قَلَمٍ أحمَدٍ (Ahmad's pen) as "correct". However, I thought the مُضاف can never have tanween - is this a mistake?

  • Alaykumas Salaam. You are right brother. The wrong option was marked as the correct answer in the system by mistake. It has been corrected now. Thanks a lot. JazakAllah.

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