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As you know, the teachings of Islam are divided into three main connected parts: Beliefs, Morals and laws. Ahkam or precepts of Sharia' is the subject of lessons about the do's and don'ts of Islam incumbent upon Muslims.

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    Assalam aleikum Please I'd like to know how to use the course materials. Do we have to read the entire book? Which one is the main guide, the summary Pdf, the videos or the textbook? How do we use these ones to study? Thank you in advance Wassalam

  • Salamun Alaykum,

  • Salamun Alaykum, the main guide as you put it, is the videos and the teacher. the textbook is the second guide and the summary is just to help with some things such as reviewing the outlines. thank you for contacting us, Allah's blessings.

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