Munyat al-Mureed
Sheikh Mustafa Akhoond

Munyat al-Mureed

Munyat al-Mureed is the title of a book, written by Ali ibn Ahmad Aamoli known as Shaheed thaani, one of the great figures in Islam. This book is about morals, particularly the morality of the seekers of knowledge and how they should live. 

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  • Required English Translation of Book

    Salam Un Alaikum Agha, Alhamdulillah the lectures are really interesting. Is this possible we can get the PDF version of munyat ul mureed in English just like you refer it for translation. So that we can easily find the meaning of the words if we miss any. JazakAllah

  • Wa Alaykum Salam, Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, I haven't come across the PDF version of the book yet. However, if you want the book itself, we can post it for you. Regards

  • Ok sure. Can you post it to Pakistan and what would be the charges?

  • We will inquire about the charges and let you know soon. Thank you

  • Salamun Alaikum, We have been trying to get the charges for the post to Pakistan but unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, all post services are closed until further notice. If we get any info with regards to it will let you know. Regards

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