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The book which has been taught in this course ("بدائة النحو") ,written by Safai al-Bushehri) is a comprehensive study of Arabic syntax where students learn Arabic sentence structure.

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    Salam Un Alaikum Agha, In the end of lecture 2 معرفته الكلمات وانواعها you have mentioned 8 different categories of Ism (Noun) which I couldn't find in the chapter. Please mention where can I find these categories. Secondly can we get an English translation of this book so that if we find any difficult word of Arabic in the book so we can refer to the translation and get the meaning by ourselves. JazakAllah

  • Wa Alaikum salam, thank you for writing to Imam Sadiq Online Seminary. All the categories mentioned by the teacher are explained in detail in the following lessons. Please go through them and if you have any further questions kindly let us know. We wish you the best in your lessons. Regards

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