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Adab-ul-Muta'alimeen is the name of a moral book written by Khaje Naseer-al-deen Toosi, one of the greatest Islamic figures. In this book, the author poses this question that why many students fail to get truly knowledgeable even if they try so hard and for a long time. He mentions the significance of knowledge and then the conditions that have to be observed by the students. This book is very brief (few pages) in 12 sections.

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  • Exam Question 6

    Salamun alaykum. On the Exam for Question 6, it says I got the wrong answer. But in the course summary, Lesson 7 and in the assignment number 7, both state, "the lesson is taken one time but the repetition a thousand". I answered a thousand times on exam. Should I submit my inquiry to a different department?

  • Salamun alaykum. You were right and I corrected the question. I'm sorry for your trouble and thank you for the contribution.

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