Introduction to Islamic Laws
Sheikh Muhammad-Hussein Rajabian

Introduction to Islamic Laws

This is an Introductory course to Practical Islamic Laws. The practical laws mentioned in this series are the very basic yet comprehensive set of rules required for every human being in their everyday life.

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  • Assignment 9 Q

    Salamun alaykum, I believe there is a mistake with question 1 in assignment 9. its as stated: 1-• When one becomes thirsty even if there is no fear of death 1- • The Sobh (morning) salah; two rak‘ah. 2- • The Duhr (noon) salah; three rak‘ah, 3- • The ‘Asr (afternoon) salah; four rak‘ah, 4- • The Maghrib (after sunset) salah; three rak‘ah, From the answers available I deduced that the question is "Which one is incorrect?" Or amongst that line. As a experiment when I select answer 2 and it was correct. Unless I'm missing the point of the question I can't put this one together. Thank you , Salaamun alaykum

  • Salamun alaykum. Thank you for the info. We will correct it God willing.

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