Imam Sadiq Online Seminary offers Heartfelt Condolences on the Occasion of 15th of Rajab, the Demise Anniversary of Lady Zainab (peace be upon her)


Islam cannot be understood without the event of Ashura and Ashura cannot be understood without the stance of Lady Zainab (peace be upon her).

She was a lady with a powerful soul and an eloquent speech. Her sermons after the event of Karbala manifest her strength and the depth of her insight into religion. Being through the calamities of losing all her family members in a day and going through the emotional and physical tortures of being presented as captives in Kufa, she addressed the people of Kufa with a powerful speech, ‘O the people of Kufa! Woe be upon you! Do you know which part of the Messenger of Allah you have cut? And which vow you have broken? And whose blood you have shed? And which respected family you have brought to the public (as captives)? And whose sanctity you have violated? You have done that, which could tear down the skies, open the earth, and make the mountains vanish. As far as the earth goes and as deep as the skies go, your obvious deed has no like, no similarity, and no decency. Indeed, you have done the ugliest, the most grievous, and gruesome deed.” 

When confronted by Ibn Zyad who tried to affront her by saying, “How did you find the way Allah treated your brother and your family?”, Lady Zainab (peace be upon her), with a tone full of pride and power, indicating her faith and submission towards Allah (peace be upon her), answered:

I saw nothing but beauty. …They rushed towards their graves (with honor). But know that Allah will judge between you and them, and He will call you to account; so be worried about the winner on that day (either it will be you or them). O son of Marjanah! May your mother be mournful for you.”