According to most historians, on the eighth of Rabi 'al-Thani in the year 232 AH, the world was honored with the birth of Imam_Hassan_Askari (peace be upon him), the eleventh Imam of the Shiites. His father, Imam_Hadi (peace be upon him), nicknamed him Aba Muhammad. It is stated that he was very open-hearted and a person of worship.

?The Light of Worship
It is narrated that Saleh ibn Wasif had appointed two wicked people over the Imam (peace be upon him) to harass him. Soon after, Saleh saw that both of them became people of worship, prayer, and fasting! He called out to them and said: Woe to you! What has happened? The two prison guards said: What can be done about a man who fasts for days, worships all night? He does not say a word and has nothing to do but worship. When he looks at us, our body trembles as such that we lose our control!

?A Blessed Life

Imam Hassan Askari (peace be upon him) in his 29 years of the blessed life, due to the pressures of the Abbasids, managed the affairs of the Shias through letters and writings. He trained many students and, most importantly prepared them for a difficult separation i.e., the occultation of the 12th Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance).

⭐️The Last Evidence
Isa Ibn Sabih says: I met the Imam in prison. He asked me: do you have a child? I said: No. The Imam prayed and said: God! Give him a child who can be his strong arms, and how befitting is a child to be a man's friend and his arm. I said: Do you have a child? He replied: I swear by God! I will have a child who will fill the earth with justice.