?The birth of Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) is a blessed occasion not only for the Shias, who are known as Ja’farī but for the whole of Islam. The Imam was able to continue the legacy of imparting knowledge to the students of Islam, the foundation of which was laid down by his father Imam Baqir (peace be upon him).

? It is narrated that more than twenty thousand people would gain from the knowledge of this divine proof. Even the founders of the four jurisprudential schools of Ḥanafī, Mālikī, Shāfe’ī, and Ḥambalī benefitted either directly or indirectly from our Imam. Therefore, many people question the people of these four sects and fail to understand the reasoning to abandon the teacher and follow the student, even when the students themselves testify that there is no one more knowledgeable than this man known as Ja’far ibn Muhammad (peace be upon them)!?

? The Imam trained students in all the sciences and disciplines related to Islam. He had special students to debate with different types of doubters and rebukers.  His stature of knowledge and practice makes it incumbent upon his lovers and followers to pursue knowledge and through practice be a source of pride for their Imam.


?On this blessed day, we ask Allah to help us gain knowledge and adhere to the path of righteousness, to hasten the reappearance of our Imam so that we may also have an opportunity to learn directly under the supervision of a divine proof.