Imam Sadiq Online Seminary offers heartfelt felicitation on the Occasion of the 1st of Dhi al-Qa’ dah, the Birthday Anniversary of Lady Fatimah al- Ma’sumah

Lady Fatimah Ma’sumah (peace be upon her) was born on the first day of the month of Dhu al-Qa'ida in 173 AH in the city of Medina. Her father is the seventh Imam, Musa ibn Ja'far (peace be upon him). Her mother was a pure and faithful woman and was the mother of Imam Rida (peace be upon them) as well. She was adorned by the titles such as Khizran, Umm al-Banun, and Najma but after the birth of Imam Rida (peace be upon him) she was called "Tahirah".
Some of the virtues of Lady Ma'sumah
The title of Ma’suma was given to this noble lady by her brother, Imam al-Rida (peace be upon him). It is worth noting that this title was awarded to her after her death and she was not referred to by this name during her lifetime. This also nullifies the erroneous view that she died after her brother, Imam al-Rida (peace be upon him), on hearing the news of his death. Allamah Mirza Muhammad Taqi reports that the title “Ma’suma” was given to her by her brother – Imam al-Rida (peace be upon her). The Imam also mentioned the famous tradition which reflects the status of this elevated lady. Imam al-Rida (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever visits Ma’sumah in Qum is like the one who has visited me.”
Indeed, she acquired such a high spiritual level that, after her passing away, her brother gave her the title of “Ma’suma" (the infallible). This was high praise indeed, especially from an Imam.
Her Knowledge
Lady Fatimah Ma’suma (peace be upon her) spent the first six years of her life by the side of her noble father, which she utilized to the maximum, learning all she could from him. Even as a child her level of knowledge and spiritual awareness was very high, as seen in the following report: “One Friday, several Shi`a went to Madina to meet Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) to get some questions answered. But when they reached the house of the Imam, they were informed that he was away on a journey. They decided to write their questions on a piece of paper and entrust this to the family of the Imam (peace be upon him) so that when he returned from his journey he could answer the questions. After a few days in Madina, the Shi`a decided to return home. Before their homeward journey, they passed by Imam’s (peace be upon him) house to say their farewells, and here they were given their paper back with all their questions answered. The replies to their queries had been provided by Lady Fatimah Ma’sumah (peace be upon him), who at the time was only six years old. They left Madina satisfied with the answers. On their journey home, they happened to meet Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him), who was returning to Madina. They related to the Imam (peace be upon him) the events that had occurred. The Imam (peace be upon him) asked to see the paper with the questions answered by Lady Fatimah Ma’sumah (peace be upon him). After studying her replies and finding all the questions answered so correctly and eloquently by his young daughter, the Imam (peace be upon him) remarked:
فِداها اَبُوها
May her father be sacrificed for her. Imam (peace be upon him) repeated this phrase three times. This same phrase had also been used by the Prophet (S) for Lady Fatimah Zahra (peace be upon her)
The tradition above demonstrates the special giftedness of Lady Fatimah Ma’sumah (peace be upon him), even as a child. It comes as no surprise, therefore, when we read the following narration “A lady from my children whose name will be Fatimah, daughter of Musa, will die in Qum. On the day of Judgment, this lady will intercede for all my Shi`a to enter Heaven.”
On this auspicious day, we ask Allah to help us to be among those who enter paradise with the intercession of this magnanimous lady and for the sake of this day to hasten the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.j)