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All humans have a thirst for knowledge, and everyone in some way or the other try their level best to quench it. Some excel in academia whereas some succeed in practical aspects of life. The journey of learning and progressing doesn’t stop at any age or at any place. As Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him and his family said, learn from the cradle to the grave. And also he said; acquire knowledge even if it was the furthest part of the earth. However, many a time we see that due to inappropriate content of the subject matter instead of progressing many people regress.

Imam Sadiq peace be upon him Online Seminary strives to impart knowledge which is taken from infallible sources in order to make its students capable to read, understand, and benefit from the springs of knowledge themselves. It imparts the knowledge of the Ahl al-Bayt peace and blessing of Allah be upon them, thereby minimizing the possibility of aberration and deviation and also providing a guarantee for success in both lives. The best part of the course is that it is absolutely FREE of cost, flexible in timing, and also provides strong and interactive support for those who have any questions with regards to the content matter. Additionally, we plan to have live classes as well as face to face interaction with various teachers from the Seminaries of Qom, IR. Iran and Najaf, Iraq.

Remember! every great thing requires effort, continuation, and determination. If you have it in you then Join us at ( ) and gain benefit from the infallible streams of knowledge in order to have a blissful life in this world and also in the hereafter.