Imam Sadiq (PBUH) Online Seminary is pleased to announce that all Pre-Hawza courses have been completed and uploaded along with videos, summaries, assignments and exams for our esteemed students.

Pre-Hawza courses provide preliminary lessons offering better understanding of Traditional Hawza studies for students who cannot join the prominent Seminaries of Najaf and Qum.

In our Pre-Hawza Program, we have provided courses in Islamic beliefs, morality and laws. An elementary level of Arabic and recitation of Qur’an has been provided to our revered students as well.

We at Imam Sadiq (PBUH) Online Seminary strive to provide quality Hawza courses with best e-learning system along with constant academic and technical support for our students. We will soon complete Semester 1 and start uploading Semester 2.

Hereby, we thank our dedicated teachers as well as our valued students who helped us to achieve this milestone.

May Allah help us all to carry out our duties towards spreading the message of Islam through the teachings of Quran and Ahlulbyt (peace be upon them).